• Higher Technician Degree in International Commerce
  • Higher Technician Degree in Pre-Primary Education
  • Higher Technician Degree in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Higher Technician Degree in Prevention of Occupational Risks
  • Higher Technician Degree in Electrotechnic and Automatized Systems


All students, in their final years of training cycles of our institution, who have completed the terms of their respective curriculum, must take the module On the Job Training, which is colloquially identified by the acronyms-FCT.

With this module, mandatory, education law tries to finish one of its main objectives-professional integration in the job-market, hence one of the objectives that it aims to get the following:

(1st) complement the acquisition of professional competence previously worked as academic competence;

(2nd) to develop the most relevant aspects of professional competence in real production situations, and

(3rd) learn the business environment which is related with the professional profile of the students.

The relationship that is origined by the realization of the module between students and the workplace, during its development period, has not have the condition of labour nature, so that this situation can not be confused or equated with one of the current existing procurement arrangements in the market, known as the "training contract". However, students must be integrated into the workforce of the center, as if it were one of them, their working hours must be identical and also the tasks performed under the corresponding programming; until the total training hours will be covered.

By this relationship, students may not receive any remuneration and any risks that might be incurred when developing training activities are covered by the school insurance both as a policy of liability insurance and accidents that formalizes the Provincial Service of the Department of Education and Science with a private insurer.

Técnico Superior en Prevención de Riesgos Profesionales

Técnico Superior en Sistemas Electrotécnicos y Automatizados

Técnico Superior en Laboratorio de diagnóstico clínico

Técnico Superior en Educación Infantil

Técnico Superior en Comercio

  • Medium Technician Degree in Commerce
  • Medium Technician Degree in Electric and Automatized Facilities
  • Medium Technician Degree in Electromechanic of vehicles
  • Medium Technician Degree in Nursery Cares
  • Medium Technician Degree in Sociosanitary Attention
  • Medium Technician Degree in Emergencies