The centres that are contained in the agreement must subscribe with the student a Learning Agreement or a Traineeship Agreement, which establishes the study programme or the working programme, as well as the credits that the student will obtain at the end of the mobility.

In our centre, we base our credit recognition on an ECTS system, so we are going to use the official model of credit recognition.

The main objectives in student’s mobility to carry on a traineeship in a foreign country are:

  • Boosting student’s mobility, preserving the quality of the exchanges.
  • Boosting a language preparation and the participation in intensive language courses (EILC) and the aids for disabled people.
  • Contributing to the creation of a youth community and well qualified future professionals, with open minds and international experience.
  • Making easy credit transfer and the recognition of stays in a foreign country, through ECTS system or a compatible credit system.

The implied Institutions must subscribe with the student a Learning Agreement, which has to establish the study programme or working programme, as well as the credits that the student can achieve.

In our Institution, we offer five short cycle programmes that are detailed in our web page in the section Course Catalogue. These courses are ruled, in its majority, by Spanish Education Law LOE, except two programmes, which are ruled by Spanish Education Law LOGSE. All of them have their equivalence in credits for each module.

Specifically, the module of On the Job Training (FCT) has in all programmes a fix number of credits: 22 ECTS. The procedure for the recognition of credits is a transparent process, because the final decision corresponds to the Ministry of Education. So, our objective is establishing Institutional European and international agreements and giving the students the opportunity of increasing their knowledge in a real work environment in a different country, exchange that implies a deep change in the student.