The priority of the Integrated Centre of Professional Training “Reina Victoria Eugenia” is focused on the specialization of future professionals. We are centred in widening their view of the labour world sharing different ways of teaching. With our strategy they are going to be enriched in a European sphere. The benefit of the students is our highest and unique pretension, as well as the exchange of knowledge and methodologies between the teachers that are involved in the project.

Our students of Short Cycle degrees, once they have acquired the theoretical-practical knowledge, they will carry out traineeships in European companies and recognizing the module On the Job Training (FCT), as well as improving and learning the use of another language.

On the other hand, the Institution, pretend to achieve in a future, the support of the Autonomous City of Melilla and other public or private organizations to complement the grant that has been granted to the students by the OAPEE (Autonomous Organization of European Educational Programmes).

  1. a)Election of partners

In this age which requires a permanent adaptation to new situations, establishing cooperation relationships is essential. These relationships let us learning from others and sharing with our partners our vision and development of different aspects of our education programmes.


Having into account that the benefits of the formative experiences obtained in other countries are multiple and that they do not only affect to students, but also to Education Centres which they belong to, the educative system and the productive environment in general; the guidance for the access of the potential beneficiaries to these types of activities is configured as a fundamental challenge to achieve the normalization in a process of mobility, in order to mobility will be an added value to the education.


In our working plan, we will try to achieve a good preparation and monitoring of the contents and the results of the stays; in order to achieve an agreement between partners and the assumption of their functions in each stage of the project. We value a realist and shared working plan, and also that final products will be a product derived from consensus and cooperation.


b) Geographical area


According to the distribution criteria, we do not establish the most interesting areas for our students and their education. We consider that the unique requisite that we have to take into account is the existence of our specialities in foreign countries and the requirement of specialists with degrees offered in our Institution; in order to students may have an option as a professional solution and incorporation to labour world.

  1. c)Main objectives

The objectives of our centre according to this initiative are:

* Knowing the reality of European labour market and encouraging the contribution and integration of the participants in this field.

* Boosting the motivation of the participant for the use and development of knowledge, competences and qualifications with the purpose of his personal and professional realization.

* Optimizing the technological preparation of the workers strengthening relationships between Professional Training Centres and Companies.

* Supporting the improvements of quality and innovation of the systems, institutions and traineeships of education and professional training.

According to the consecution of the planned objectives for students and their traineeships in the module On the Job Training, we highlight some aspects that have to be taken into account:


- Preparation of stays has been carried out through in situ visits.

- The stays must be adjusted to the education and training needs of the beneficiary.

 - It has existed a correct and motivated selection of participants.

- It has been a good preparation of the beneficiaries (linguistic, cultural, professional, psychological, etc.)

- The selection of countries of the foreign institutions and the partners has been chosen according to the function of the planned objectives.

- The training programme has been created for the professional development of the participants, having into account their education needs in a first place.

- We have proceeded to a distribution of the tasks between partners and the assumption of the diverse functions between the partners.

- We have designed a monitoring process of the Project and the correspondent tools, that Hill guarantee the monitoring and tutorship.

- We have established a evaluation process, according to the general results of the Project and to the individual participant.

- The results and the products will be disseminated, foreseeing specific ways that are going to be used to know these results.


In conclusion, we have to highlight that our Institution also has a certified quality system, so it supposes a guarantee in relation to the work with interested partners when participating in common projects.